Imagine being FULL power? I mean, you’ve already done so well, on part of your power Imagine if you were living in your total inHER POWER

Imagine being a woman of backbone

  • You are ready to ditch the people pleasing & be confident in your YES & NO

  • You know that you've been over giving & over functioning. You are done with being stressed, tired and exhausted.

  • Being so grounded in who you are that being able to say 'no' to anything that isn't serving you feels EMPOWERING

  • Smash through all the things that have been holding you back - fear, money, time, resources. It's getting smashed! 

  • Untangle the limiting beliefs, self doubt & negative talk that holds you back from living your dream life

  • Know who you are at your core, & to know your own desires, likes, dislikes, what's okay & what's not okay

  • Be able to communicate yourself & your needs fully & freely without fear of 'what will others think'

  • Let go of the constant comparison and feeling like you’re not good enough

  • You are finally ready be a woman:
    - who can truly say you love yourself
    - having your self confidence through the roof
    - being so grounded in your truth

Working with Laken has been one of the best decisions I have made. I feel truly energised stepping into my power and leadership in my life.


If you have any doubts or something holding you back from working with Laken now is the time to sit down and figure out a way through it, because working on you for you will be such a game changer.


I am so thankful for everything Laken has guided me through over the last 6 weeks. So thankful I have commit to another 3 months because I have big things coming 🎉✨



Katie Boulter

Like She Owns the Place

Laken was patient and encouraging, I experienced some major transformational shifts.


I learned a lot about myself and I would finish the sessions feeling exhilarated, lighter, inspired and looking at things from a different perspective.


I apply the learnings that Laken helped me to discover through our coaching sessions, pick myself up and try again, remembering that it’s not an event but an ongoing process. I am forever grateful that I took the step of investing in myself with her.

Rhondell Maguire

1:1 High Level
Coaching Client

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