I'm here to help you shorten the learning curve in your life and business and grow your results!


I'm the Mentor that combines boundaries, systems, strategy and supports you in moving beyond entrepernerial self doubt.

I'm passionate about shifting the conversations around women being incredibly successful, wealthy and financially free while creating a huge impact in the world.


Being completely unapologetic in your mission to create BIG results.

I help coaches, entrepreneurs and business owners shorten their learning curve through leadership, boundaries and strategy.






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InHER POWER Introduction

Ep 1 - Laken’s Story

Ep 2 - Boundaries are Sexy

Ep 3 - Untangling People Pleasing

Ep 4 - Ditching the Self-Doubt

Ep 5 - Overcoming Guilt

Ep 6 - Giving Yourself Permission to be First

Do you struggle to relax? Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and like at times you just can't cope with it all. Heading for a burnout?

I dive into what I do to really recharge myself, give you tips on how to start implementing tools and modalities into your day to really have your cup full.

Giving yourself the permission for the ups and the downs and how to really navigate yourself in them and allow your the time, space and freedom to work through your emotions and understand your needs.


Ep 7 - Interview with Kate Maree O'Brien

Ep 8 - Learning to Trust Yourself

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